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Title: No SPARK
Post by: d_vla on June 29, 2020, 04:18:51 PM
Hi guys, I'm a new Sherco 2019 SE250R owner from KTM/HUSKY.. Purchased used after the bike was raced for a season.  It took a bit of love to restore to my likings.. New aesthetics...

I pulled the carb to see what jets were installed..  Found I needed a new throttle cable.  No big deal..

Went away for a week, cable installed as soon as I returned to then find out the battery was dead and after charging finding NO SPARK AT ALL..

I'm not a pro mechanic but am willing to learn.  Tested the resistance on the 3 wire stator and all phases read .5

What should I be looking for that creates a spark, clean air filter of course and fuel.. I'm lost at this point any help much appreciated.  Thanks guys. 
Title: Re: No SPARK
Post by: Gartzza on June 30, 2020, 12:24:51 AM
Sounds like a ignition coil problem, but first you should check following things: When testing the spark, place the plug on the head bolt and touching the upper engine mount, in order to have good ground for it. If no spark, then I would try new plug first and check that spark plug cap is fitted well. If no spark, then you could connect with alligator clips your head lamp (or bulb) to two-wire connector, which comes from stator to ignition coil - when starting, the lamp/bulb should flash quickly and burn bright. If this works, everything in "downstairs" should be okay. Test pick up coil (two-wire cable coming from the stator) too - spec 100ohms. Another thing is to check the plugged three-wire connector under the seat/right side panel - when connecting the two pins with wire, the starting relay should click. Another plugged connector next to it is for testing ECU. Try to check the main wire harness for any cuts or broken insulation on wires - they might effect on ECU and/or spark as well. Finally there is left buying first new ignition coil and spark plug cap and/or new wire harness. This is all I can advise.
Title: Re: No SPARK
Post by: d_vla on June 30, 2020, 04:49:41 AM
Couldn’t figure out the headlight trick. The 2 wire harness read 96 ohms. The 3 wire plugged connector, jumpered the yellow with the red and the bike jump started. After trying again the fuse blew. Nothing happened between the “white” with the red or yellow. No clicks?? Any ideas. Thanks again.
Title: Re: No SPARK
Post by: Gartzza on June 30, 2020, 06:03:14 AM
Headlight trick: another cable from the ground (the peg for example) to the lamp minus pole and plus wire from the lamp positive pole the to the pin of the connector of two-wire cable, coming to ignition coil. When starting, you should get headlight flashing. Second pin of the connector does nothing supposedly. Lamp is for additional  load/burden, works for this.

About the plugged connector: when I tested this, i didn't have the plug etc connected, so maybe that's why, I got just clicking sound from the relay. Dealer told me to check this, when I didn't have the spark, but can't explain more about the idea with this. If bike jump started then maybe everything's okay there? Blown fuse, scared me a little bit :o