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Title: Comfortable seat? 2017 SER 300 6 Days
Post by: akoudlai on July 26, 2020, 02:36:46 PM
So I bought a new (to me) SER 300 6 days and im absolutely loving it.

My one gripe is that the seat on the bike hurts my sit bones a bit after a full day of riding. Thought I'd get used to it but after putting 15 hours on the bike I still get it.

I dont sit the whole time obviously but when we stop, or on smooth runs of trail I plant myself down as most of us weekend warriors would.

The foam is a bit firm but I think its the shape of the top edges of the sides having almost no roundedness to them. maybe its my short legs? (im 6 foot tall but only have a 30" inseam.)

Anyone experience the same thing? Did you try trimming the edges to be a little more rounded? Find a new seat?

The seat cover is awesome, tons of grip, no complaints there
Title: Re: Comfortable seat? 2017 SER 300 6 Days
Post by: Nerminater on August 05, 2020, 11:08:20 AM
Same for me, so I had an upholsterer remove the cover and round the corners a little. He was supposed to lower the foam a good 1" as I'm vertically challenged but never did this as the "seat cover wouldn't look right" . Made no difference at all, ass still knows its been on that seat all day, promoting an off centre postion for the road sections home. I have a hand operated builders staple gun and was going to lower it myself but it hasn't got the power to bury the staple into the plastic seat base, so I guess I'm looking for a pneumatic staple gun now. A mate had an SE-F same year as mine with a nice low seat and we swapped one day as he's 6'+ and I loved it but he wouldn't make it permanent, even when he sold it to go SE-R.
Title: Re: Comfortable seat? 2017 SER 300 6 Days
Post by: akoudlai on September 04, 2020, 02:45:22 PM
Yea I’m thinking I’d like to take .5” - .75” off the top and round the corners too. Wondering what the right tool for the job is. I imagine my bread knife is not it lol. I’ve got a pretty powerful construction hand stapler. Wonder if that will do the trick with some short staples. And maybe adding some adhesive too.

Amazing that the “upgraded” 6days seat is LESS comfortable than standard
Title: Re: Comfortable seat? 2017 SER 300 6 Days
Post by: ditezz on September 21, 2020, 11:15:11 PM
 LOL, You guys buy a race bike and complain the seat is too hard.. anyway easy to round of edges with a serrated knife (yes really).Remove stables levering up with a screw driver then remove with pliers.Mark foam with a sharpie and carve off edges with bread knife. Take small pieces at a time .Finish off with sand paper ,working down to smoother grit as you go.Leave your  seat cover in the sun prior to fitting as it will soften it.Start at the front ,put a couple of staples in then do rear .Once that is secure do the  sides I used a air stapler using 5mm or smaller staples or they will protrude into your ass. Its very easy to do I'm sure there will be something on YouTube ....good luck