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Sherco Tech / Re: how clean power valve
« on: November 25, 2021, 04:26:38 AM »
If the map switch is not working, the reason is not the dirtyness of the valve, but something else. I assume the switch itself or the wiring.

You can clean the valve, but you need to disassemble the cylinder first, then the valve covers (three of them) and finally the valve mechanism. Most of the garbage or sludge is in the right hand side chamber, but I don't think it influences a lot. The valve and ports inside the cylinder were relatively clean and I don't think they get very dirty anyhow.

With those hours I wouldn't bother yet about the sludge etc., but check operation of the switch and wiring.

General Discussion / Re: Possible bad casting on swing arm
« on: November 04, 2021, 05:37:34 AM »
I think those notches are useless anyway. Just use the caliber or other (measurement) device to get wheel aligned correctly.

General Discussion / Re: Bottom end bearing
« on: August 05, 2021, 10:25:00 PM »
I'm having 239h on my SE 300 2T and was thinking about buying a new similar one, but there are no bikes available. So, then I suppose I need to drive this baby until the end..

What do I need to change in the bottom end? Which bearings, seals and stuff? I think renew clutch plates and piston, as well.

I kittet up with some additional jettings, so will try your suggested jetting.
Honestly when looking back, I have not put much attention to the the jetting before buying this bike, but I have learned a lot about this when troubleshooting and searching for info. So thanks for all inputs.
Also I have a new coil now (not fitted yet), so hopefully this will not be a problem when everything is in place.

I don't know, if the coil in 2020MY is old style (no cdi box included), but if it is, then also get your ECU updated at your dealers, as you'll get the new style coil (Kokusan coil with cdi box [from Athena probably]). It may need that for best ignition, spark and starting. Actually, it's good to get ECU updated time to time (send it to dealer), because manufacturer is making some changes for it time to time. According to dealer, after updates bikes may get better, but never worse.

yep, the coil.

ODI just changed their literature to state it works with older Sherco 2Ts.  It did not say that a couple of months ago when I ordered.

Any idea what would be the correct ODI cam for 2019 SE 300? I bought cam S for my bike, as well, but it's not good - too much twisting to get throttle fully open (more than with standard throttle tube). I saw a cheap (29€) aluminum throttle tube "Psychic" somewhere in the net and they stated that it should fit to SE 2019MY too, but actually I don't believe it  ;D Well, I try to find out, whether it works as standard..

General Discussion / Re: SE 300 factory 2021 - Starting issues
« on: April 09, 2021, 03:28:55 AM »
Just updating the info: additional 16mm2 ground cable from minus pole of the battery to the frame didn't have any kind of effect on the starting issue. I'll have my ECU updated maybe next week, but dealaer says, it probably won't help, but it's the starter that's somehow faulty or creates this issue. We'll see..

:) I installed updated ECU on the bike yesterday in warm garage and bike started perfectly. I drove around little bit on the yard and stalled the bike many times on purpose and could always start the bike on the gear clutch pulled in - this have not happened in a long time. But as the starting problem occured usually when cold (even during riding), i took the bike in the van on the parking lot for the night and tried out starting in the morning in ~-2C outside: From the first push of the start button the bike started perfectly! So, maybe this is not full test yet, but it seems that UPDATING the ECU was the cure. When trying to solve the starting issue, I have tried out many different batteries (now litium 245cca), new wire harness, new plugs, new relays, additional ground wire for the battery, changed from old-style ignition coil to new type - Athena box + kokusan coil (old coil just deteriorated), have cleaned all possible grounds in the bike and start button and what else..

So, if you have such kind of a starting problem that despite of motor spinning, bendix and starter engaging there's no spark in the beginning or it's very weak - get your ECU updated at your dealer. Don't buy first that starter they are selling    ;D

General Discussion / Re: Sherco clutches a weak point?
« on: April 06, 2021, 03:43:13 AM »
250 hours on a SE 300 (2019) with original clutch. I put washers under the springs somewhere in early stages in order to ease the pull and no problems nevertheless. 

Sherco Tech / Re: 2020 se 300 factory rad fan stopped working
« on: April 06, 2021, 03:36:36 AM »
There's both a fan relay and a fuse for the fan on the right side of the bike near the ignition coil and radiator. Take the tank and side panel off and you can see them on the wire coming from the fan. Check that wires are good and connected well - I got loose wire once (wire coming to fuse box).

Sherco Tech / Re: Powervalve vent routing
« on: March 26, 2021, 02:45:42 AM »
Fix the hose with zip ties on the frame tube and line downwards under the engine.

General Discussion / Re: Chain guide
« on: March 23, 2021, 05:22:22 AM »
This is great info Gartzza. I had seen this type of mods, but thought that it was so that the chain would not jam into the sprockets and get stuck. Now it makes perfect sense. How do you fix the cylinder? Is the "cylinder" squeezed between the sprocket and spoke? or machined to fit around the hub?
My bike had never the the chain off, but my son's did come off several times. Most likely due to a small bend in the rear sprocket!

That works also for that chain won't get jammed, as you mentioned. Guys have been just sawing slices from the big diameter plastic pipe and putting them around the hub. You need to fit the width of the "slice" correctly so that it will be enough tight fit. Or you use zip ties to keep the slice in place and attached to the spokes. In the picture the "slice" has made for this purpose and is actually mounted on the rear sprocket bolts on the hub side, making it stay in place and not rubbing the spokes at all.

General Discussion / Re: Chain guide
« on: March 22, 2021, 11:33:05 PM »
OEM chain guide is not very strong and can break, when hit hard, and turn chain off from the rear sprocket. In this case loose chain can hit gearbox and break something. I experienced this. Another option is that rear sprocket itself is hit and twisted. Great idea to safeguard gearbox is to place some cylinder etc. between the rear sprocket and the spokes. This prevents the chain to get very loose (when off from the rear sprocket) and hit gearbox. In attachment photo of aluminium pro style thing. You can make analogical cylinder from big diameter plastic pipe or use just piece of a garden hose. Keep monitoring that it doesn't wear off the spokes.

General Discussion / Re: SE 300 factory 2021 - Starting issues
« on: March 11, 2021, 11:04:59 AM »
There is hope guys. I have a three week old '21 SE. I verified with the dealer before I took delivery that it had the latest map, the one that cured what RKM mentioned. He made it clear he understood the new map install, the one where you have to disconnect the GET so you don't fry it.

hi, could you explain, what exactly is “GET” and how to disconnect it? How  ECU update procedure should done correctly? I need to understand this in order to explain my dealer..

General Discussion / Re: SE 300 factory 2021 - Starting issues
« on: March 06, 2021, 09:49:38 AM »
Just updating the info: additional 16mm2 ground cable from minus pole of the battery to the frame didn't have any kind of effect on the starting issue. I'll have my ECU updated maybe next week, but delaer says, it probably won't help, but it's the starter that's somehow faulty or creates this issue. We'll see..

General Discussion / Re: SE 300 factory 2021 - Starting issues
« on: February 11, 2021, 10:46:24 PM »
Hi Ya'll, from Texas

New 21' ES 300 owner here also with starting issues. Ive been checking out the stock jetting and finding it is not quite what the manual states. The needle stop is position 3 not 2 and the pilot jet is 40 not 42. Main jet is per manual. Ive been out on it once and with rain and ice in Central Texas, it will be a couple weeks before I can get out again.

The problem sounds similar though. Spinning to get her started and hard to start with the clutch in. Spins.

I had asked the dealer if there were any may updated that needed attention before I took delivery. They said no.

Any advise or solutions would be appreciated. My next time out will be adjusting air mixture as it is definitely rich on the lower range


It's more like that problem is electrical than about jetting, if you have jetting even close to what it should be. First advise: get strongest possible battery, which you can fit the box - CCA (cold cranking performance) at least 200, better 240-300. When starting in the cold, do first short pushes (1-2 sec) and have 30-60sec breaks in between, in order not to empty the battery (this concerns about litium batteries). This is important to get battery warmed up and maintain the capacity. If starting is problematic after this, there might be many different issues to be checked, but first I would ask dealer to update CDI ecu box, as your bike is new and it has new type of ignition compared to previous models (at least until 2019 ignition coil was traditional). Updates exists.

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