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General Discussion / Forum member CDNSHERCO passes away
« on: July 24, 2017, 05:23:47 AM »
Member "cdnsherco" aka Jeff Golden passed away on Sat doing what he loved - racing his Sherco 250SER.   He actually was leading his class while he had a massive heart attack and died on the spot.  Jeff was 63 and leaves behind 4 daughters and 2 grandchildren. 


General Discussion / Is there demand/market for a Sherco "XC" Model?
« on: July 11, 2016, 05:54:49 AM »
I was coming home from a ride yesterday and my buddy and I were talking about bikes and stuff and I got to thinking is there a market for a Sherco XC model?  Take the normal SE, strip off the lights, just add a number plate, take off the speedo and put closed chamber forks with stiffer settings and add a free'er flowing exhaust to the 4 strokes. 

The new Sherco moto bike looks to be closer to an XC bike than an MX bike.  All it really needs is an 18" rr wheel and a side stand and it is good to go.  I dont think Sherco really has any intentions or hopes to be a player in the MX world. 

General Discussion / Matt Phillips/CH Racing Sponsor
« on: May 20, 2016, 04:20:15 AM »

Check out the decals on the rad shrouds.  CH Racing has a brothel as one of their major sponsors.  :)


General Discussion / My 2016 300 SER is at EE right now
« on: May 04, 2016, 05:13:05 PM »
If anyone is looking for some guards or bling, my 2016 300SER is at Enduro Engineering in Michigan for the next week or so being measured up for things like rad braces, skid plates, fork lower guards.  If you can think of any other parts you are looking for send them an email and let them know what else they should be making for the Shercos. 

General Discussion / Lurker turned Sherco Owner
« on: April 01, 2016, 07:16:13 PM »
Picked up my new 300 SER from Rob Lang last week.  Looking forward to trying it out. 

Will be posting some set up pics and impressions of the bike as soon as the weather co-operates. 

General Discussion / GAS GAS in liquidation
« on: July 03, 2015, 10:30:08 AM »
Looks like someone finally pulled the plug.

Finally, yesterday, the Board of Directors and the majority, Gas Gas motorcycles shareholders, has finally decided to take the company into liquidation, assuming the options closed Swiss investor. This was communicated to the Board delegate and CEO Meeting administrator.
In this manner, and after seven months of negotiations, the legal deadlines exhausting, providing workers consume and damage society. With a strategy led by partners in a negative way for the brand, with the sole purpose of protecting their interests. Today some of the unilateral Israeli shareholders, it decided to invite the company to liquidation. This irrevocable decision opens a totally different and new scenario for the brand.
Verbally and until payment is made official, the committee in collaboration with the Director and CEO saw fit, since the activity of the company is non-existent today, okay other paid leave to be able to negotiate a temporary suspension of record for the model together, except for the parties, and address financial department, the latter with the committee to prepare the sale of the administrator of the production unit.
The Board understands this to be a major challenge and the only goal we defended was always to work in an industrial plan to return the brand you happen to be at the head of the test off-road sector. We know it will not be easy to find roadblocks, but also look back and see that the way we left it was not easy. We travel a lot and we will not stop, not now. Because if one thing we clearly is that workers do not know Gas Gas motorcycles and only need an economic contribution and good management team.

General Discussion / Ride report on Sherco 250 2T and 300 4T
« on: September 15, 2013, 06:27:45 PM »
I had the chance to ride a 2013 Sherco 300 4T and a 2014 Sherco 250 2T on the weekend at the CDN East Coast XC Championships on Sunday.

I swung a leg over the 250 2T first and had high expectations. The e-starter works flawlessly and started and restarted the bike at least 10x in less than a minute just to listen to the starter.  There was no grinding gears or spinning bendixs noises.  It started instantly every time.

I got on the xc course and took the 250 for a gentle loop as it is the only bike in Canada and I didnt want to wad it up on the Dist. The motor works great. The map switch makes a big difference. Way more than on a KTM. The motor on "soft" pulls really nice and smooth on the bottom end and mid range but signs off on the top real fast. Flip the switch to "hot" and you have a YZ250 2 stroke engine. Tons of motor and lots of revs. I preferred the motor on the soft in the woods and would flick it to hot in the fields.

The chassis is very narrow and the pegs are really high compared to the KTM I was riding all day. The chassis almost forces you to stand up, which is a good thing IMO. The bike flicked through the trees with ease and felt really light. One thing I really noticed was that this bike felt kind of stiff, even for my 210lbs carcass. I would be interested to see what springs and valving are in the forks and shock. It wasnt mx bike, bone rattling stiff, but it was a bit stiffer than I expected.  That being said this bike was brand new and I was the first guy to ride in anywhere other than a stubble field. Perhaps the forks and shock will loosen up with some time? The fork and shock would be excellent if they were just a bit softer (personal opinion).  That being said, I had just finished a 2.5hr XC race on a 12 KTM 450XCW that had marshmallow soft suspension, so perhaps I just wasn't use a to bike with aggressive suspension settings?

All and all, the Sherco 250 2T is a really good bike. Other than the stiff suspension, I cant say anything bad about it. The motor has LOTS of pull in the hot setting, the chassis is EXCELLENT. The fit and finish on the bike is top notch. The e-starter appeared to be perfect in functionality. It is better than a 13 250XC? Probably not, is the XC a better bike? Not at all. This bike is a perfect choice for someone who doesnt want to be part of the orange sheep herd or is perhaps a Husqvarna owner looking for a new bike to replace their WR250/300 and now have no where to go.

I then almost reluctantly jumped on the 300 4T. I cant say I was even that interested in riding it but thought why not, I was already there. I have to admit, this little bike REALLY impressed me. The motor on the 300 is great. Lots of pull on the bottom and mid, but just OK on the top end. It is just a 300F so I really didnt have high expectations that it would be a revver. Riding singletrack, the 300 4T pulled my lardazz around like nothing. It was super sweet. The chassis is the same as the 250 2T but the 300 felt a lot more planted than the 250 on the trail. The 300 had 5-6hrs on it and the suspension felt much much better than on the 2 stroke. I am curious if they are valved and sprung the same or different?  Hopefully the 2T will ride just as good as this 300 did once it loosens up.

In conclusion both bikes were great, but I came away scratching my head wondering why I loved the little 300F so much? It just worked perfect for me. I was quite a bit faster on the 300F than the 250 2T which really surprised me.  If you are looking for something a bit different and still want a quality bike, I wouldn't hesitate to look at the Shercos.

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