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Sherco Tech / 125 (200) 2st versus 250 4st
« on: April 13, 2019, 11:25:19 AM »
I have been waiting for Sherco to release the big bore kit for the 125 but helas still no info.
Some dealers tell me Sherco is working on a 200 cc but no info when or if it's going to be released...
Now I had a ride on a friends Ktm 250 4 st and liked it a lot. At the moment I ride a 250 2st but feel the power is to much for me. ( almost never keep it pinned for some time ...)
Is there a comparison between the two Sherco's pro and con's especially on the weight feeling?
I am a small , light (1.67 m and 64 kg) rider so would feel fine on the 125 class of bikes but I was so impressed by the orange 250 smoothnes and easy riding , that I don't rule out the small 4 st.
The Kyb suspension on the 4 st would make it even a sweeter deal...

Sherco Tech / 200 Rumors
« on: April 13, 2019, 11:11:23 AM »
I keep hearing Sherco is working on a 200cc bike.
Do you have more info on it...?

General Discussion / Big bore kit
« on: September 26, 2018, 01:12:46 PM »
Hi Clay,
Is there an update on the big bore kit for the 125 cc ?

General Discussion / Big bore kit for 125
« on: May 28, 2018, 01:38:07 AM »
Is there news on the big bore kit ?
When talked to some insiders at Sherco , they told me there were no plans for it ?
Seems they have a special piston kit for some extra power (higher rpm ????)
It would be my dream bike if it could be a bit torqier for the slow technical riding.
As a plain 125 if works very well compared to other 125 bikes but if you ride it after the xcw 150 or te 150 you know what we are talking about. Didn't know only 20 cc made this difference.


General Discussion / New 6 days edition are on the website.
« on: October 04, 2017, 04:16:10 AM »
Check the Sherco website for the new SD models.
I'll like them 😃😃😃

General Discussion / test ride impressions
« on: October 01, 2017, 10:16:25 AM »
Today I had the opportunity to test various Sherco bikes.
A Belgium dealer ( Sherco Schepens) made all this possible.
First bike I rode was the 125 !
That is a real bicycle. Featherweight easy going. I especially liked the explor fork. Bike was very easy to ride on the hard soil, even technical section posed no problems. When in loose sand and on a harvested cornfield you had to ride it on the pipe. Even then it's fast an this rider lacked the driving skill to keep it pinned in every corner.

Then on to the 250 sef-r. I spend some time on this bike as I liked its easy riding. On the dirtroads and singel tracks I had no problem keeping up with the rest off the riders. Only coming out off corners I missed some grunt . ( I am used to a well jetted Beta 250 racing )
Suspension was good but I didn't have the wow feeling I had with the explor fork.

Next in line was the 250 ser. I am used to 2t riding an liked this bike. I didn't find it that different then my rr250 . Engine are comparable, seat height a bit higher and better suspension in stock form. Mind you on my Beta I have had my Sachs fork setup by a good suspension shop. The ser 250 is a very easy capable bike. I would buy one without thinking twice.

The best for the last. The Sef-r300. Now this was a real sleeper . It was a very nice surpise.
Never thought it would be this nice. I have ridden my part with various 250 and 310 four strokes but none compares to this one. It's as easy turning / steering as my Beta. It even felt lighter. I liked the instant power that is always ready. No need to be on the perfect rpm just turn the throatlle and it's there. I was truely impressed with this bike.
I have to admit is wasn 't a completely stock bike. It had a HGS exhaust system on it and custom Reiger suspension. Further it had various bling parts added.
This bike definitely would be my first choice in the Sherco line up. It is a very versatile bike.
Hopefully it will be available with the explor fork in the future.
ps I also found out I absolutely hate the standard Sherco grips. There is something on them ...
for some reason I just don't like them.

How is the electrical circuit on the bikes ? (waterproof)
Are there problems when pressure washing ?
Are the connectors waterproof or do they need lots a dielectric grease ?
My red bike is giving me  problems in this area in stock form.

Lots off mud and wet conditions at the moment and then pressure washing for getting everything clean makes for though conditions for the electric connectors etc ...
Curious how the Sherco's handle this ...

Sherco Tech / Sherco 125 any updates ?
« on: September 13, 2017, 11:32:41 PM »
Are there updates on the Sherco 125 ?
Clay any updates on the big bore kit (175 cc)?

General Discussion / Seat height
« on: August 10, 2017, 03:21:01 PM »
I have ridden an xtrainer and now a rr 250 racing. I like the lower seat height.
How difficult is it to lower the seat height to 910-920 mm and not having an effect on the handling the Sherco are famous for?
Modification would be for the new 2018 models with xplor forks

In the weekend there was the presentation off the Sherco models 2015 in my country.(Belgium)
So I took the opportunity to test the x-ride 290.
I am greatly interested in this model as I am a rather short rider.
My current bike is a Husky wr 125 with the seat shaved to the minimum height, no comfort and it's still really high for me.

Sitting on the x ride is really comfy and the seat height fits me perfectly (1.67m)
This is one off the few street legal dirt bikes i can actually get my feet on the ground.
 I am not flat footed on it, but it's the best so far.
Build quality seems ok, there are some visual wires on the underside off the tank but most dirt bikes suffer from this.
The bike comes equipped with a dellorto carb. This isn't my favorite by far but the bike started easily.
 You have to put some weight in the kicking but it fires up fine.
A very nice surprise is that the bike is really quiet. Coming from the WR 125 it's a day and night difference.
I think this is going to be really positive when riding in the Belgian woods crowded with people walking, riding mtb and horses.

The bikes feel really light when moving, even compared to the wr 125. (92 kg versus 98 kg)
Turns on a papersize and has good tracktion.
The bike was equipped with the standard 10 front sprocket and I found the first two gear too low.
 I haven't used them on the track or on the uphills.
The engine has a very smooth and torque caracter.
 You can even say a little boring as you don't get the power feeling off a dirtbike when the powervalve opens or it gets on the pipe.
 Good for trail riding but not so good for faster open roads. Changing from 4 gear to 5 gear gives a really big gap.
I heard  off it before i did ride the bike , but was a bit surprised when i actually felt it in riding.
 On the other hand this is a really good thing when riding on the road as the legal speed here is 70 km/h.
This brings down the rpm a lot when cruising.
Maybe changing the front sprocket to a 11 tooth makes the gearing better spaced for a little faster riding
 in the woods, and using the first two gearings

The suspension felt really soft, but talking with the dealer he told me that it was setup more for  trials .
He said upping the compression damping would make it better for the faster stuff.
I think this combined with the mitas trials tires made the bike less stable than my wr125.
When I rode at a faster pace (+80km/h) on a wide open road it didn't gave me the secure feeling the wr gives me.
It wasn't dancing arround, but I was missing the knife sharp steering off the wr 125
The dealer also told me that he always changes the tires to enduro tires on the bikes he sells.
He said this helps a lot also.

The good:
Seat height
standing position
feater weight feeling
smooth engine

stability at higher speeds (although easy to better with stiffer suspension and better tires)
engine : lack off power feeling
gearing : low first and gap 4-5

I like the bike a lot and asked for a deal. Hopefully it's easy to sell the wr125.
The small short commings are just that for me, they are easely solved or don't pose a problem for my riding area / riding style

How much can the enduro bike be lowered without changing the drivebility a lot.
Are there lowering kits?
Anybody experiences with lowering the bike? pro and cons ?
When does ground clearance becomes to little?

I am still interested in the Sherco x ride with the 850 mm seat height, but got a good offer on a 250 4 stroke.
Maybe this is a good alternatif when properly lowered.

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