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General Discussion / Sherco SEF 250?
« on: August 25, 2018, 02:33:24 AM »
How is the SEF 250? I searched through a few posts and most where Clay talking about it. Anyone else try one out? It doesnít seem like many are around. I was on a...cough...2005 yz250f yesterday and kind of liked it. The bike had oversized rads and final gearing was lower. I was riding with my kid so it was much slower pace. I have to face the fact that Iíll be riding with them more than the big kids. wonít be long until my kid is a big kid. Anyways, the trails here in NH are twisty, rocky and roots everywhere. No real long up hills.  I was in 1-2 gear most of the time. Sure, I could have gone a little fast and I did. I was thinking about a 300 sef and then the 250 se. After  my ride yesterday, Iím not sure I want the 300 sef or the 250 se. Iím more of a four stroke guy. So what do yíall think based on your experience? I think I need to try those bikes out back to back. Maybe start prepping the wife for a new bike. A nice bike off a demo would also be fine. Maybe the wife wonít kill me... Haha 

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