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General Discussion / 300 SEF or SCF?
« on: June 11, 2020, 01:13:50 PM »

have MANY ktm's and very very happy with them other than throttle/efi is jerky from close to slightly open and I want to try something new if its comparable. not going to honda or Yamaha that's for sure....

Don't need the headlight/tail light as its going to be used for doing circle wheelies, riding across logs, balance practice, and play riding on my property with the occasional mx day so id like the slower/stiffer valved of the two suspension setups and more aggressive of the mappings.

also are 21s coming soon?

please advise

Have some questions...
Need it to be able to chug at idle and have excellent stall resistance like my te125 im replacing does. Any options for the Sherco for flywheel weights?
Big bore kits?
Who's quick turn throttle system fits?
How much is it to get a headlight and tail light assembly working like whats on the 125 racing version? Needs wiring harness or those parts just fit right up?
Clutch lever weight?
Whats the real weight?
What minor and major issues or weaknesses need addressed on it for a skilled rider?
Anyone have some onboard vids of theirs?

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