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Sherco Tech / 2018 SEF 300 Factory, small issues
« on: March 30, 2019, 11:55:18 AM »
Hi, bought a used bike with 60hours on the meter.
Tried it today on the local track and had some issues.

The dashboard did not register speed or distance, Everything was at 0, even the ODO and ART.
Wierdest thing is that it started to work after I washed it ;) Anyone experienced something similar?
The bike has a extra hour counter thankfully.
Coming from a Honda XR650R I have a real difficult time gripping with my legs/knees(i'm 186cm), are aftermarket seat covers better than the selle dalle valle ?

And also coming from the Honda I struggled with the responsivness off idle, adjusted per the manual but even with both cable adjusters at their maximum im barely able to reach 2mm at the throttle grip.

Other than that I'm totally stoked over the bike, it's my new baby ;)

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