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Sherco Tech / Lost spark SE 300 2019
« on: June 17, 2020, 11:59:53 PM »

I lost spark on my bike and can't find the reason.  :'( Maybe someone here could give me hints. Following operations/measurements/checks has been done so far. I may have some incorrect English words here and there, but hopefully you understand me  ::)
1.   Stator coils are checked from the 3-wire connector (six measurements) – results 0,5ohm (0,44 +/-20% spec).
2.   Pick up resistance measured from the 2-wire connector – result 100ohm (100ohm spec).
3.   Cable coming to the ignition coil - from another pin I can get a bulb on and quickly flashing - should be okay. From another pin no any reaction, but should there even be any?
4.   Two dead-end cables with connectors on the right side of the bike under the seat: another is for testing ECU. If another connector is made short-circuit with wire, the starter relay should click. And it does. In this connector these two wires are connected all the time with the wire in the cap. Hopefully, you understand my English here :D
5.    Main fuse is tested - OK.
6.    Fuse for lights tested - OK.
7.    Fuse for fan tested - OK, but currently fan is disconnected totally. Hopefully this do not effect on the spark. It shouldn't.
8.   Engine stop switch is disconnected.
9.    Brake switch in the front brake assemby is broken. Shouldn't effect on spark, right?
10.    New capacitive style ignition coil with its own CDI-box is mounted. Cables of CDI-box:
a.   wire for ground connected to the same place than another ground wire - OK.
b.   Cable coming to the cdi box connected to the box - this can't be done otherwise - OK.
c.    Cable from CDI-box to the ignition coil - another wire connected under the bolt, which fastens the coil to the "coil holder". Coil holder is mounted to the frame. Another wire connected to the connector in the coil. Can't mix these. - OK.
11.   Coil holder is mounted to the frame in the same place as original coil. ”Silent blocks” (those vibration dampers, which came with the coil), are mounted between the coil holder and the coil. These silent blocks actually isolate coil from the frame and ground. Should they do this? Anyway I connected coil to ground with two "alligator clips", but this doesn't change the thing (no spark).
12.   I visually checked the wire harness and couldn't find broken wires, wear or cuts. Off course, this does not mean that there are none within the cables.
13.   Two relays in the end of two wires under the seat - haven't check those. Can they create problem with no spark?
14.    ECU program is updated by dealer to work with new style ignition coil, but can't say was the update successful or is the ECU working like it should.
15.   Engine has oil in it, but without radiators and coolant.
16.   Spark plug and spark plug cap are new
17.   I'm looking for the spark by placing spark with its side (metal)  to the cylinder head bolts and firing the start button. Start motor works and engine rotates.

Sherco Tech / handlebar mounts
« on: March 01, 2020, 07:09:01 AM »
Have anybody lowered the handlebar on SE300? I have already Renthal 999, but nevertheless would like to try lower bar mounts in order to get more traction in front. Any ideas?

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