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General Discussion / Re: 4 Ways to be a better dirt bike rider.
« on: January 14, 2020, 01:13:15 AM »
Very good video, it's not often people talk about all these aspects of being a good rider. Especially nutrition and mental health is often ignored.

Sherco Tech / correct tightening torque
« on: October 02, 2019, 11:48:14 PM »
Hi All

I have a SEF-R 300 Factory 2014 and as I broke off a screw last night, I was wondering about the correct torque settings. What is the correct torque for the two M8 screws that hold the mounting of front brake caliper to the left fork?

Also, similar question, what is the correct torque for the front wheel nut and the front axle screw? Here, the user manual says 25 Nm for the front wheel nut and 12 Nm for the axle screw, while the workshop manual says 40 Nm for the axle bolt and 15 Nm for the axle bolts.

Many thanks

General Discussion / Re: Enduro bike for motocross
« on: August 21, 2019, 11:26:43 PM »
yes I'm going to adjust the suspension, just wondering what else are people doing. Sounds like motocross wheels are not a bad idea, but does anybody know if these work with the ee spacer kit? Or do only wheels from EXC bikes work? Any year EXC works?

Is it a good idea to change the closed hand guards to open ones?

General Discussion / Enduro bike for motocross
« on: August 20, 2019, 02:26:57 AM »
Hi all

I have a SEF-R 300 Factory 2014 I mainly use for enduro riding. Now I'm thinking about using it occasionally on the motocross track, and what I have to do to make it work well. Obviously, suspension would need to be stiffer, but what else should I be doing to the bike? I was thinking to get a second set of wheels where I would have motocross tyres with tubes installed, because I heard that for motocross Mousse is generally not used (which I have in my regular wheels). Also, different tyre sizes? From what I read here I can get a spacer kit from ee to use a set of OB wheels. Are there any restrictions to what wheels I can install? What about installing wheels for motocross (19 inch wheel instead of 18 for enduro)?

Anything else I didn't think of using the bike for occasional motocross? Just to be clear, I don't want to convert the bike permanently to motocross, I just want to use it from time to time, so any changes should be easy reversible.

Sorry if these seem very basic questions, but I really do not have a lot of experience in this regard, I don't even know if I need to use different tires or not.

Thank you

General Discussion / Re: 2019 sherco 300ser speedometer not working
« on: July 18, 2019, 12:13:51 AM »
even if you didn't lose it, replacing it may do the trick.

It did for me.

Sherco Tech / Re: 2015 300 SEF-R Radiator equivalent
« on: May 09, 2019, 06:52:59 AM »
I just bought an aftermarket radiator from a brand called ZAP. I've also seen an aftermarket radiator for Sherco by the name "Offparts".

Both in Europe though, but I'd imagine they deliver worldwide.

Sherco Tech / Re: adjusting my new Sherco
« on: May 08, 2019, 05:44:18 AM »
thank you all for your answers, very helpful. Midwest lever is on its way as well as ODI grips. Not sure the original Sherco cam will fit, I haven't been able to install yet.

Since I have a 2014 Factory, I assume I have a factory seat, though I compared it on pictures with the standard racing model, and could not see a difference in height. Maybe I do as suggested and just re-shape that one.

- The Throttle command has a switch just above the e-starter. It's not hard to brake it. To use it just flip it when you want, engine running and even when accelerating hard. To the left it's low power good traction. To the right is full power.

Are you sure about that on a 2014 bike? Or is this for newer bikes? I could've sworn flipping the switch while the engine was running or even when I was riding did nothing. I'll be riding again this weekend and will try again.

Sherco Tech / adjusting my new Sherco
« on: April 30, 2019, 12:26:05 AM »
Hi All

So this past weekend, I had my first ride on my Sherco SEF-R 300 Factory 2014 I have bought used. What can I say, I absolutely loved it, the engine is so smooth and controllable, the bike feels light and the overall ergonomics worked great for me. However, there were a few things that jumped out to me and would like to improve. I gathered as much info as I could find, but some things are not quite clear to me, so hopefully you experienced folks could guide me a bit:

- I saw that there are taller seats, but are there lower seats as well? I am not very tall (5'8''), so in rougher terrains I had trouble reaching the ground with my boots, which caused me to tip over a few times. What do smaller people like me do in this case? I know, improve my riding, obviously, but can a lower seat assist me? I don't want to lower the bike in general, because I don't want to reduce ground clearance.

- Are there any aftermarket brake and gear pedals? Or do only the original fit? My pedals are badly worn and not in great shape, so i would like to replace them. Also I would like the tip to be a bit bigger/adjustable even maybe.

- My bike has the Akra exhaust on it as standard, and it is a bit on the loud side. Any way to silence it more? Can it just be repacked with dampening material, or how does it work?

- What are the correct steps to switch the map? Unfortunately the manual does not say anything about it at all. I managed to switch it, but I just don't know what exactly needs to be done. The engine has to be off I think? The master ignition switch off too? Any amount of waiting required?

- on steep climbs I noticed that the front forks topped out occasionally and clearly hitting the end of the stroke hard (opposite of bottom out). Is this a normal behaviour? I know from street bikes that they often have a small top out spring to avoid that hard bang. Do dirt bikes don't have that?

- clutch is very light, but I'm always looking for ways to make it even lighter. I've read a lot of things about removing clutch springs, changing them to softer KTM ones, etc, but I think this all referred to 2 stroke bikes only. Do you guys do anything on the 4 stroke bike?

- I have some chipped away paint on the frame which I would like to cover up, I'm a bit worried about rust. Does the blue of the frame has a known color code, such as RAL or Pantone?

- the throttle tube is worn out, do I need to purchase an original piece, or is this a standard throttle tube replacement part I can buy anywhere?

These are the questions I have for the moment, I would be very grateful if you could answer some of them. Many thanks!


Classifieds / Re: Sherco SER 300 Parts
« on: April 26, 2019, 12:29:26 AM »
Hi there, do you still have the midwest levers for sale? I have a 2014 SER-F 300, I assume they fit?

General Discussion / Re: Interested in used Sherco
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:05:24 AM »
So I had a look at the 2014. It was in good condition, low hours, a few good upgrades already on the bike, and the owner was a very decent bloke. Long story short, I'm now the owner of a Sherco 300 SEF Factory  :)

I realise the 2018 bike was a bargain at 5500 $, but I think the bike I got now suits me just fine and I can't wait to ride it. It's now getting serviced at a reputable dealer at the cost of the previous owner, so I don't quite have the bike yet.

Now I need to look at some upgrades, definitely want to get a better skid plate, one that protects the linkage as well. Also a front brake protector. Suggestions and other useful upgrades are very welcome.

Very happy to own a Sherco now!

General Discussion / Re: Interested in used Sherco
« on: March 28, 2019, 08:14:54 AM »
hm you guys are tempting me to spend more than I planned!  ;D

No doubt the 2018 is the better bike, but not sure I could really tell when riding? It is the first enduro bike I'm buying, so I'm still figuring out, and will so for a while, what suits me and what not. Also, $ 5500 puts me in a range where a few other options from KTM or Husqvarna are available too, which makes it even more difficult to decide. I don't really want an orange bike, but at the end of the day they are all good bikes to me, as I don't have a lot of experience with any of them.

But these are sure questions I have to answer for myself, not yours to answer I guess :-D

Anyway, will check out the 2014 bike tomorrow and maybe can arrange to look at the 2018 soon too.

Thank you for your help so far.

General Discussion / Re: Interested in used Sherco
« on: March 27, 2019, 08:07:35 AM »
Thank you Clay. I will see the 2014 this weekend and might end up buying it. Knowing a bit more about Shercos now, I know now it is a Factory 2014, which is good I guess. Will bring a friend who is very knowledgeable on enduro bikes (not Sherco though) so I trust he will spot any faults. Based on what you say, the 2013 is not really a consideration anymore, I think the 500 $ more for a 2014 Factory are justified.

The 2015 model is already off the market again, so the only other option would be the 2018 model, but not sure if I want to spend that extra 1000$.

The 2014 bike as 72 hours / 1500 miles. Generally speaking, do I have to anticipate a costly rebuilt soon, for example the gearbox or the cylinders? Or should I be fine for the near future just riding it?

General Discussion / Re: Interested in used Sherco
« on: March 26, 2019, 09:26:04 AM »
Thank you for your reply Clay. I take from your answer that this would be worth the extra money to you, even though the 2014 has a much higher milage? Is there a way I can verify from outside that it is indeed a 2014 model with that EFI, and not just a late registered 2013 model?

Any good reason to go for the 2015 or 2018 model, or is the 2014 the sweet deal?

General Discussion / Interested in used Sherco
« on: March 26, 2019, 02:23:48 AM »
Hi All
My name is Mischa, living in Switzerland, and I'm new to this forum. The reason I signed up is because I have a strong interest in getting a Sherco for trail riding. I have never ridden a Sherco so far, but I don't know, something strongly appeals to me about Sherco.

So, in my area I found a few bikes that look interesting, and I would like to pick your expert brain on these. For example, from the price side, a 2013 300i is the cheapest, but would an extra 500$ be worth the upgrade to a 2014 bike?

Is there anything specific I need to look out for on the different bikes? I think I remember I read that from 2014, the 300 bikes are having more power?

What it is currently on the market in my area (pictures attached):

- 2013 Sherco 300i Racing, 626 km, unknown hours, Akra exhaust system - $ 3990
- 2014 Sherco 300 i Racing, 2429 km, unknown hours - $ 4500
- 2015 Sherco 300 4t, below 5000 km, unknown hours, Akra exhaust system - $4850
- 2018 Sherco 300 SEF Factory, unknown km, 55 hours, - $ 5500

It will be my first Enduro bike that I own, so far I have just been renting or borrowing off-road bikes. As you can imagine, that means I'm not a very experienced off-road rider (so far been mostly a street rider), so I don't really need the latest and greatest, I just would like something decent and reliable to get me started.

Obviously, I would go with the cheapest bike on the list, but I'm willing to pay more if there are good reasons to do so. However, the 2018 is a bit more than I would like to spend, unless you guys say this is absolutely worth it over the others.

Many thanks for your feedback


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