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looking to "downgrade" from the 300 SE-R to the 125 SE-R


looking for experiences from like minded people.
i don't really do many steep hillclimbs, only occasionally.
the 300 just lugs up, fantastic, but many times the 300 is a handfull for me.
i know it has the map switch that works awsome, but still i'm intrigued by the 125 playbike.
i'd also be using this one for MX tracks.  i ride just as many mx hours as enduro,single track and some light-technical stuff.
my current mx bike is the Yam yz250f.

let's hear it :-)
thanks for the input.

Before dropping down to the zinger, have you tried the 250 two stroke? The engine has a different personality and doesn't tire you as much as the 300...

i did ride a sherco 250 2stroke yes, and it is a noticable difference.
still i won't be able to ride to it's full potential. actually it's also as a precaution, several occasions i feel the 300 really has to much for me. i can still use the map switch, yes but still...


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