Author Topic: new to Sherco w/ '20' 250se factory  (Read 237 times)


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new to Sherco w/ '20' 250se factory
« on: August 10, 2020, 06:32:14 AM »
Can't say enough great things about Marionville Powersports in Missouri, drove 16 hour r/t from Texas this past weekend.
Sherco's lately have been intriguing me, especially since they're still carbed (no interest in tpi blah), have linkage and a much better OTD suspension.
I'm dumping my two 2t pumpkins and sick of PDS especially for scrambles.
Just initially sitting on factory, it was like coming home after years away, amazing to sit straight up without tippy toe'ing.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated...
 - as with any smaller company, noticing the organization of documentation/manuals/parts cataloging is all over the map, any best links/leads for parts?
 - being 175'ish in weight, curious if the spring rates are without gear and has anyone installed the XTRIG on their KYB shock?
 - any Keihin carb jetting issues? JD Jetting successes? My experiences w/Lectron on the Wallet Pounders has been pretty positive. Is 4.2m metering rod the ideal choice with 38m carb?
 - RK Tek (in Idaho) head success with the pumpkins and beta's, I talk to Kelsey often and he's interested in machining performance heads for the 2t Sherco's
 - is anyone checking/greasing their swingarms and steering head bearings? curious how the French are doing with the bike assembly...or are they drinking too much at lunch, like Ducati.
 - learning that some KTM aftermarket parts are transferable, curious if anyone's made a list of those or experimented?
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Re: new to Sherco w/ '20' 250se factory
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2020, 07:58:20 AM »
New to sherco myself but after 10hrs I'm really enjoying it coming from a ktm excf I've tried to fit an xtrig preload adjuster from a yz 250 but they don't fit to then be told there isn't 1 available as of yet for the kyb also fitted a rear disc guard from a ktm had to file out the spindle hole bigger and shave it down but it's a cheap mod I will get photos of this