Author Topic: SEF-R 300 - Cam Phasing - Has this been “Tuned”?.  (Read 1065 times)


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SEF-R 300 - Cam Phasing - Has this been “Tuned”?.
« on: December 03, 2020, 04:32:41 AM »
I’m currently working on a friends 2017 SEF-R 300 which is causing me a bit of concern in that when using the tool to lock the crank at TDC the Cam Sprocket marks do not line up as per the Manual.
On closer inspection the Inlet Cam is a tooth out BUT the inlet cam has some scratches and a non OEM weld on it possibly suggesting the inlet valve timing has been re-phased!
As I’m not an engine tuner I am hoping there is someone here with the right expertise to be able to shed some light on what may have gone on here.
The bike was purchased second hand and I’ve approached the supplying shop who have denied any “awareness’ of any modifications!
The bike was running fine before the service commenced so I’m reluctant to change the cam position without a better understanding of what may have gone on here.


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Re: SEF-R 300 - Cam Phasing - Has this been “Tuned”?.
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2020, 10:00:48 AM »
indeed interesting, I really wonder what people have to say.
I have check the parts for 2017 the part is listed as 4672 then in 2019 this part changed to 0919. Perhaps the previous owner might have changed the cam lop position to 0919! I know far fetch. What version of software does the ECU have? Perhaps that might give a hint. I hope some one with more knowledge could contribute.
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