Author Topic: New to me '20 250 SE Factory w/ some prior owner neglect  (Read 101 times)


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New to me '20 250 SE Factory w/ some prior owner neglect
« on: April 06, 2021, 06:35:29 PM »
Greetings. First post intro...I recently purchased a used 2020 250 SE Factory with some moderately low hours but def wasn't babied.
Bike runs great & has a professionally setup suspension that's super plush. Nice collection of aftermarket add-ons so I was comfortable with factoring in some maint/repair w/ purchase.

Map switch was busted so I ordered a replacement from MotoCenter.

Anyway the first thing I did before taking it out to the woods was drain and fill the trans. The used oil was pretty bad with some visible fine containments; I figured the clutch was probably on its way out. First ride confirmed my suspicion as I was getting plenty of slip on WOT gravel runs between trails. Another drain/fill just to be sure then today pulled the clutch; the friction plates are toast. I've read that XR600 clutch packs will fit the Adler clutch, but need 8 friction & 7 steel disks. I've used Barnett dirt digger kits in the past with good results. Any prefs/recommendations/feedback on brand? 

Bike sat with bad gas in the tank for a while and tank has some water/ethanol scum from the petcock brass tarnish that needs to be flushed along w/ some other minor dirt in the tank. Found the petcock was pretty damaged from the gas as well so I need to order a new petcock from Motocenter.

Whole reason I pulled the tank in the first place was to sort out some issues with the throttle cable & choke on the Lectron that the PO installed. Neither of those are captive at the carb side.  If you tug/snag the throttle cable, it'll pull the slide all the way to WOT....which leeme tell you, is a pretty big surprise when it happens in the middle of a sketchy section. So I have to replace both of those.

These small issues aside, the bike is pretty damn fantastic and I'm itching to get it back out in the woods.