Author Topic: Sherco 300 2t vs Beta 480  (Read 147 times)


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Sherco 300 2t vs Beta 480
« on: May 14, 2021, 03:12:10 AM »
First few hours on new 2021 480 racing. Thought a quick comparo would be worthwhile for big bore 2t vs 4t. Still have 2015 300 2t factory with high comp head and susp setup for my weight (90kg). Wanted a big modern four stroke for fast fire trail and open single track riding and liked the beta short stroke twin injector dual cam motor with excellent reliability rep, crmo frame and Kyb fork. Nothing else like it really. So first impression compared to sherco are big torque and very direct throttle response in lower revs, sherco is smooth and will climb anything at low revs and Iíve never flamed it out but the beta hits really hard off idle then into huge midrange, holy shit kind of motivation. Bottom half of rev range for the beta is much much stronger. Sherco def better on tech rocky hills where the beta is a handful. Everyone raves about 300 2t torque but no doubt the big 4t kicks butt for power everywhere. Main reason I bought it was for firetrail use and here at higher speed and more constant throttle the 4t has a massive advantage, itís awesome where the 2t sucks balls. In the tight stuff though the sherco is much better, much faster steering and easy flow in single track. 4t susp is excellent kyb awesome and the Sachs shock does a great job. Impressed with how plush and controlled it all is and very stable at speed where the sherco is pretty twitchy. For sure both bikes are different enough to justify both...😁